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Presenting the ultimate Mother's Day bundle! Buy One and Get One FREE!

The "HOT" new novel 69 Shades of Green for HER, and as a bonus the Best-seller Hit Down Dammit! for YOU - FREE!

Thornhill Press, publishers of top-ranked golf books is pleased to introduce author John Westley’s 69 Shades of Green – a light, fun, funny take on sex, romance, and golf.

In a unique Mother’s Day promotion, if you purchase 69 Shades of Green for the special lady in your life, we will send YOU a copy of the best-selling Hit Down Dammit! for FREE. 

Depending on whether you want the ebook or printed book, it works as follows:

  • If you buy the 69 Shades ebook we will send you the Hit Down Dammit! ebook as a bonus;

  • If you buy the 69 Shades printed book, we will mail you the Hit Down Dammit! printed book for free, just pay $4.25 shipping.

Here’s how you collect:

  1. Visit the Amazon website
  2. Buy your book
  3. You will receive a receipt from Amazon by email
  4. Forward this email receipt to
  5. We will email you back with a link to pay your $4.25 shipping (only if you are claiming the printed book. You can receive the ebook if you prefer.)

If you have any questions, just email us at and we thank you in advance!

69 Shades of Green: 7 Days in Heaven  American professional golfer Dan Green rolls into Heaven, BC, in his beat up Corolla. He’s got sandwiches on the front seat, clothes on the backseat, and clubs in the trunk ready to test his re-built golf swing at the Husky Open. Sparks fly when he meets Melissa – a woman of extraordinary beauty, irresistible charm, seductive prowess, and more than her fair share of skeletons. 

“It's funny, sensual, seductive, sexy, and mystery, all in one book.” «««««

“A fabulous, humorous, romantic and exciting read!” «««««

“This is an awesome read filled with laughter, love and friendship.” «««««

“A delightful mix of humor, romance, mystery, sex and golf!” «««««

“A very enjoyable and entertaining book.” «««««

“Follow Dan Green as he embarks on an epic journey of self discovery, love, sex, and mystery... all while wearing golf pants.” «««««




Hit Down Dammit! Golf is a difficult game. Difficult enough, without intentionally or unwittingly doing something wrong. It is almost natural to hit up at the golf ball, but hitting up is wrong.

In order for the golf ball to go up in the air, and go straight, you must hit down at it. The clubface strikes the ball on the way down. The ball compresses, and spins backwards up the clubface and into the air.  

Clubhead speed equals distance. when the clubhead is going its fastest? On the way down.

Backspin seems non-existent to many recreational golfers. This is because they are hitting up at the ball, which is the recipe for topspin, not backspin.

Many struggling golfers slice the ball. This is because the act of hitting up at the ball leaves the clubface open. It is easy to rotate the clubface back to square… when hitting down.

A curse of many a golfer is hitting fat. In other words, hitting the ground behind the ball. Golf is tough enough without hitting the planet before the golf ball. It is not poor hand/eye that causes you to hit behind the ball, it is an attempt to hit up at it that causes you to hit the ground first.

You cannot hit up at something that is both below you, and sitting on the ground.




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